Continuously progessing company

Between Cronos Airlines and its users, a love and fidelity contract is now sealed.

We had a clear vision of the triptych: safety, punctuality and comfort that reflects our brand.

Fly to beautiful destinations in West Africa.

At the heart of our business

To stay the ideal regional airline to travel from or to Equatorial Guinea, we rely on a competent and dedicated staff, aware of the issues of air transport.

Also, each Cronos Airlines agent, whatever their level of responsibility may be, performs his task with commitment and sacrifice, as a proud member of "the family"

Efficiency, our credo

We based on a clear organization and putting into practice a modern management style adapted to our business aircraft, our credo remains today more than ever, efficiency in the service of safety, punctuality and comfort.

Welcome to Cronos Airlines

Thank you for choosing Cronos Airlines. You are about to experience which will place your flight under the label of security and punctuality.

We offer you a great value flights to Bata and other destinations including Douala - Cotonou - Port Harcourt.

Our company has established itself as a reference in aeronautics: ensure a safe and orderly air transport in comfort.



With the type of device that we use; with loyalty and performance, you are about to reach your destination in peace.


Through the expertise of member crew, with a high quality service, listening to your expectations, you feel as a family. Your satisfaction is our pride.

Services On board

on board services

Like all reliable airlines at Cronos safety comes first, undoubtedly punctuality and services follow company's philosophy, and last but not least crews and staff competence and devotion.